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St. Elmo Colorado was officially founded in 1880.
Gold and Silver Mining brought many people to the
area. There were over 150 Patented mine claims in
the St. Elmo area.
Populations reached a high of nearly 2000 people.
The DSP&P  laid their tracks up to St. Elmo and continued
the line through Romley then to Hancock and through the
Historic Alpine Tunnel.
St. Elmo was considered a Hub town for supplies arriving
by train. The tracks were abandoned in
1922. It is said that St. Elmo's Population rode the last
train out of town and never came back.

Old St.
Located on the east side of main street was the location of
The Town Hall as well as Stark family residences.
  The Stark family was the last family to leave St. Elmo
in 1958. The stark family owned the Home Comfort Hotel
the telegraph office and Post Office.
They also had a retail General Store to keep
the miners with plenty of  supplies.
These buildings were lost in a fire April 15, 2002.

    The rebuild of Town Hall was completed through fund raisers and donations.

Old St. Elmo
This is  at the end of Main Street looking North East.
Home Comfort Hotel is the tall building in the middle.

This is a 1950's picture of the St. Elmo School House.

Birds Eye View of St. Elmo.

This a picture looking over the St. Elmo Town Hall at the Home Comfort Hotel.

This is a typical winter scene looking across the Chalk Creek.

This picture of the train near St. Elmo was the last year the rail to St. Elmo
was active.

This is a picture taken from the Hancock road which at the the time of this
picture was part of the  DSP&P rail line. The large building on the corner
was The American House Hotel.


Railroad picture taken near where the Cascade Hill is now.

Early and rare picture postcard of Romley  a mining town located 2 1/2
miles up the railroad grade from St. Elmo.
Romley is now gone.

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